Below is a list of global missionaries that we support both financially and with non-financial resources. 

Life-long Avenue church member Laura A., serves with her husband in Niger, Africa through Sudan Interior Mission (SIM). Laura teaches English to Muslim college students, meets individually with people for faith exploration, co-leads a cooking class for local women and has other team-related responsibilities, all with the goal of reaching Muslims with the Gospel. More Questions about SIM? Follow the button below!
International Conference on Missions (ICOM) is an annual convention held in Indiana that recruits individual missionaries and equips churches to focus on mission work outside of their local community and throughout the world. More Questions about ICOM? Follow the button below!
 G.O. Ministries serves thousands of people  primarily through church planting, nutrition centers, medical clinics, sports outreach, primary schools, ongoing training, water purification projects, and kingdom businesses. Avenue partners with William and Alexandra, who minister to the people of Batey Nueve in the Dominican Republic. More Questions about GO and the Decena's? Follow the button below!
Dale M. has been serving in Colombia, South America for over 35 years. In addition to teaching and preaching, Colombia Christian Mission (CCM), has been closely involved with the communities they serve. Most recently, they are  excited about their deaf and hard of hearing ministry and new church camp. More Questions about CCM?  Follow the button below!